Unlocking Italian Residency: The Ultimate Guide to Italy’s Representative Office Visa

Greece Golden Visa Update

Greeks Now Selling Citizenship for 500k Euros in Big Cities & Suburbs with a High-Class Reputation   On September 12th, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis announced that he plans to double the required minimum investment for the country’s golden visa under the program’s real estate option. In a policy speech, PM offered few details about this

Greece Golden Visa

Greece Golden Visa: The Most Cost-Effective Way to European Citizenship   Investing a mere €250,000 in Greek real estate secures many benefits for you and your family, including a highly valuable second citizenship that allows freedom to live, work, study retire anywhere in Europe. Now that we know what the visa entails, let’s explore the

Dual Citizenship

What would you do if you could have two passports? There are many answers to that question. But in short, dual citizenship can offer a lot of benefits.  For example, dual citizenship holders can travel without having to apply for a visa each time. They can also work in any country they choose and are protected