Successful Global Citizen

Successful Global Citizen

Becoming a successful global citizen requires more than just RCBI. Having residency and citizenship by investment (RCBI) is often seen as the key to a life of freedom, sovereignty, and unrestricted global travel. However, RCBI is only one way that somebody could become a citizen of the world. It takes more than just a new

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program Turkey announced its citizenship by investment program in 2016 with the intention of boosting foreign direct investment and invigorating its real estate industry. In January 2017, the Turkish government officially launched the initiative, giving investors various options and freedom for contributing to Turkish society. At the Turkish government’s launching of

Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services Liberto Global provides due diligence services to companies in Turkey considering an MA transaction, which will help them evaluate any potential risks and opportunities. When it comes to investing in Turkey, thorough research is required. Liberto Global can assist you every step of the way, from investigating your potential counterparty to producing